Electronic, Industrial & Military solutions.

What is our job ? What are our solutions ?

Founded in 1979, ETRONICS France is a family company specializing in the research, design and production of electronic, industrial and military solutions. 

Over the years, we have succeeded in forging a serious and highly qualitative partner network, enabling us to offer you innovative solutions adapted to your needs. We therefore support day by day the optimization of performance in growth sectors such as: 

  • Energy Management

  • Power Management

  • Connectors 

  • Electronic

  • Display

  • Purchasing

Our goal is to offer you the best solutions, suited to your needs. They are linked to the study of demand or specifications, prototyping, to qualitative mass production.


Our desire is that innovation and the management of your technological projects are managed jointly and easily, and that you benefit from our experience in the fields of engineering and sourcing.



What is our job ?

Our service is built around       8      dominants who have made ETRONICS France, a serious and effective partner.


In the framework of an innovative project, we have often had the opportunity to participate in the creation of prototypes.

In the meantime, Optimizing the design of a product that exactly meets your needs is part of our mandate.

Our teams and partners are used to manage technological innovation


Putting forward our ongoing commitment to accelerate our growth, we offer the opportunity to build partnerships, and build a sustainable ecosystem.

So we can industrialize projects related to our favorite sectors and continue to feed your production chains with qualitative products in the right place at the right time.

Project Developpement

Promoting optimal coordination and synchronization, our goal is to be efficient and to plan a precise number of steps to follow. Starting from the analysis of your requirements and from a complete specifications to production and delivery, we are able to offer you our experience in the management of this process. The partner network we have worked with for many years is our asset.

Tooling & Mass Production

Another of our functions is to know how to integrate intelligently into the organization of production, so that to the question of your "need" we respond with "added value".


Whether it's an immediate or a delayed need, we can produce the right amount, just in time, so you can improve your inventory management.


Whether it is with our customers or our partners, we make it a point of honor to be effective and available to establish a relationship of trust, and to highlight the quality of our service.


But the quality concerns mainly the products we sell. Our partners are duly selected and must comply with ISO standards.

Customer satisfaction ensures our business relationships, and drives us to a WIN / WIN situation.

Purchasing Department

Beyond the simple fact of sharing the tasks and therefore focusing your resources on strategic activities, we are referenced with major French group.

Thus, we have accumulated the necessary experience and knowledge to facilitate this outsourcing, and give you access to technologies and production processes that we know how to handle.

Sourcing & Dealers

Use our network and our know-how to identify the supplier that will contribute to the realization of your project, whether it is in Europe, the United States or Asia.


You benefit from that our representation contracts, and thus, enable you to access a preferential and efficient service.

Obsolete components

Allow you to get hold of electronic components not found, or simply find the elements necessary to maintain your production lines.

Comment est organisé notre service ?