Electronic, Industrial & Military solutions.

ETRONICS, an expertise applied to power industry, energy, and design of technology solution.


We very definitely see ourselves as having the role of accompanying you in your project development (Electronic, industrial, and military), this our core-business since 40 years. Take benefits of our expertise.

Vacuum Brazed Coldplates

Heat pipes for high thermal soltutions

Power Cooling solutions

Providing a solution for each thermal problem is possible thanks to our wide and extensive product range. Thermal management is a real challenge, especially for the electronics industry and high power.


Military connectors

A wide range of connectors that can operate in extreme environments (MIL -Spec standards) and offer the best technical options.

High Voltage Resistors

High performance resistors

High Power Resistors

Our expertise is highlighted to enable you to get an ISO certified product and integrate resistors for power and high performance electronics to your projects. The technologies used are innovative and promote the conversion and transmission of safe and efficient energy, and contribute to a cleaner planet


Laminated Busbar

Customized laminated BusBars solutions, with a wide range of related services. The proven quality of our products and solutions is based on innovative and qualitative design and manufacturing principles.

Keyboard, pads & switch design

Membrane or Silicone (elastomer keypad) switches, highly qualitative, (ISO standards), with virtually unlimited design and developped capabilities.

Membrane or Silicone Keyboard 

Touch screen Design

Resistive & Capacitive screen

Manufacture of resistive and capacitive touchscreen from the top of technology and technique, to offer you the best quality for your peripherals with interface.

LED - CCFL Backlight

Rétro-éclairage LED-CCFL 



Afficheurs LCD


CAMBION Products

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CAMBION Products


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ETRONICS à la loupe :

40 ans d'expérience de vente et conception dans la gestion thermique, et la gestion de la puissance - Conception et Fabrication: Dissipateurs Thermiques, Refroidisseurs, Résistances hautes performances, Connecteurs, Rétro-éclairage LED-CCFL, Affichage LCD.

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