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Since 1979.

Created in 1979, Etronics is a family business founded by Thomas Ruckli and former specialists in international trading markets. Its initial objective? To offer a purchasing outsourcing service to the aeronautics, automotive and military defense sectors.

Recognized expertise.

After 43 years of activity, we have now become experts in the sourcing of electronic components and in production management on behalf of large groups. Whether it's Airbus, Cobham, or even PSA, the French industry already trusts us for many projects where high standards are required. 

Time saving.

Let us take care of your purchases and offer your teams the opportunity to focus on the development of internal projects. Gain in efficiency thanks to the massification of your purchases, the combination of your deliveries and the simplification of your supplier accounts.  

A relationship of trust.

Thanks to strong links with our historical partners, benefit from the best prices as close as possible to the market reality. We build a relationship of trust with our customers with systematic validation of each stage of the project (study of the specifications, prototyping, launch of production) with the aim of making our precious commercial discussions part of a long-term plan. 

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