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Station de recharge pour voiture électrique



Launched in 1979, Etronics strategically specialized in electronics in its early days and made power and energy management its core business. Our expertise now extends to other exciting sectors, making Etronics an ally of choice for optimizing your performance. 


Whether equipping telecommunications instruments or solving a power problem related to civil or military aviation, our electronic components are found in the big corporations of French aeronautics.

Defense & Military

Subject to hostile environments, military equipment needs to be as reliable as it is robust. Etronics controls all production while respecting the most demanding specifications, whether for land or military aviation equipment.  

Medical imaging

Increasingly used in the diagnosis of many diseases, medical imaging requires advanced technology and reliable and precise electronics. Scanner, MRI, radiography, molecular imaging, patient monitoring, we are able to equip all types of medical equipment. 

Urban mobility

With the current transition to a word with less CO2 emissions, Etronics facilitates its adoption by equipping the electric vehicles of today and tomorrow (cars and small utilities, buses, trucks, trams, etc.) with its PDUs (Power Distribution Units), busbars and other electronic components. 

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