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Circuit imprimé avec composants électroniques

Expert in electronic sourcing since 1979.

Thanks to a network of partners meticulously selected over the years, Etronics®  supports you in carrying out all of your electronic, industrial and military projects. From the study of your specifications to the realization of prototypes, until the final production, we place ourselves as a real relay of confidence.

Our products

Discover a wide range of high quality products to meet all your needs.

Nos produis
Clavier à membrane avec une limande

A wide range of possibilities is available to you : membrane switches, silicone keypads or elastomer keypads.  Create your custom design, in compliance with your schedule and standards ISO.

Historic leader in the power management market, EBG has chosen Etronics® as its representative in France to ensure the distribution of its high voltage, high power and ultra high power resistors. 

Résistance de puissance
Condensateur céramique à haute tension

Discover a wide range of alternatives to the old   high voltage ceramic capacitors from the Murata brand. With more than 800 references, we offer you the most suitable part for your applications.

Dissipateur thermique avec refroidissement à air

At the cutting edge of technology, discover all our heat sinks (brazed, with heat pipe, air or liquid cooling) allowing you to effectively solve all your thermal management problems.

Busbar isolé et laminé

Whether electric mobility, renewable energies or transportrail, our laminated and insulated busbars will find a place of choice in your various projects with a multitude of design possibilities. 

Unité de distribution d'énergie PDU

With the transition to more electric mobility, it is our duty to facilitate its adoption. Discover our PDUs, IPUs, BDUs, EDMs to equip all types of vehicles (trucks, utilities, buses and cars).


They trust us.

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Cambion Electronics
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