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Heat sinks


Heat sinks are devices that improve the dissipation of heat from a surface, usually a heat-generating component, to a cooler environment, usually by air.

The main purpose of a heat sink is therefore to keep the temperature of the device below the maximum allowed temperature specified by the device manufacturer.

Why ? Simply because it has become a crucial element in the design of electronic products for effectively lengthen the service life electronic equipment while obtaining reliable performance

Heat dissipation can also be done by water cooling. These heatsinks with cooling liquid make it possible to minimize power losses during operation and protect electronic components power against overheating and breakdowns. By constantly developing new technologies, our partners, including EAD, ensure that the latest semiconductors offer optimal performance, even under extreme conditions.

We offer our customers a variety of individual solutions from air-cooled or water-cooled heatsinks. Our thermal design engineers and our production management help you find the optimal design for the success of your projects.

For more information, please read the below documentation:

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