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Leading manufacturer of high voltage, power and high power resistors, EBG chose Etronics almost 35 years ago to distribute its electronic components on the French market.

With high degree of stabilityhigh operating temperature and extremely tight tolerances, EBG resistors are state-of-the-art and of exceptional quality. 

Flat, cylindrical, dividers, in network, the possibilities are endless and we can best adapt to your specifications to equip your measuring devices, your medical devices or your industrial machines thanks to a 360° production management. 

Our products comply with the environmental tests required by military entities, and our partner is certified EN IS 9001: 2008.

With over 45 years of experience, EBG is able to produce made-to-measure resistors, with a personalized design, while making the manufacturing of prototypes a must. It is also possible to create solutions where resistance and cooling integrate perfectly. 

Discover all of our references, certifications and other details below: 

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