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Sales terms

1. Any order implies on the part of the buyer the unreserved acceptance of our general conditions of sale, except derogation accepted in writing.


2. Delivery times are given for information only and without guarantee. Delays in delivery do not give the buyer the right to cancel the sale or refuse the goods. They cannot give rise to deduction, compensation, penalty or damages.


3. Our prices will take into account currency fluctuations in accordance with the regulations in force, they are understood to be net and excluding taxes.


4. Unless otherwise agreed, our invoices are payable upon delivery. When the payment deadlines have been contractually fixed, any delay in payment on the due dates makes the balance of the price immediately and automatically payable, and produces interest on the basis of the legal interest rate plus 5 points. On the other hand, it is expressly agreed that failure to pay the invoice or a due date will be increased as a non-reducible penalty clause within the meaning of article 1222 of the Civil Code, compensation is fixed at a flat rate at 10% without prejudice to the seller's other remedies.


5. Our goods travel, even in the case of free shipping, at the risk and peril of the recipient: it is up to the latter to make any reservations with the carrier if necessary.


6. All customers are required to check the goods on arrival, and possibly to make any customary reservations within 15 days, failing which our liability will be released. This liability is limited to the replacement of any part recognized as defective by our services. These parts must be returned to us in the condition in which they were at the time of delivery. The replacement will be limited, in any case, according to the "quality" percentages provided for in the manufacturer's specifications. Our responsibility is not engaged in the case of damage, direct or indirect, loss of profit or delays due to a defect or manufacturing defect of the material.


7. Credit notes are deducted from the statement of operations for the current month, even if they relate to invoices from the previous month.


8. Disputes relating to the interpretation or execution of this contract will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of VERSAILLES, a jurisdiction sitting within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of VERSAILLES.


9. Any partial delivery will be subject to partial invoicing.


10. All delivered goods remain our property until full payment.


11. The prices indicated are the average prices practiced by our principals.

End of term clause

By express agreement, in the event of a protest, return of bill, postponement of due date or late payment of a single invoice, and upon simple formal notice by registered letter, we may demand immediate payment of all sums, even if not yet due, which may be due, which sums will be automatically increased from their due date by a penalty whose annual rate will be equal to the Bank of France discount rate plus 4 points. Any partial payment of the invoice will automatically be deducted from the non-privileged part of our claim.


Penalty clause

As a penalty clause, all sums due due to the expiry or in application of the forfeiture clause will give rise to the payment of an indemnity for recovery costs equal to 10% of the principal and interest.


Suspension of execution of commands 

The application of the forfeiture clause and (or) the penalty clause authorizes us to postpone new deliveries.


Cancellation clause of sale

In the event of non-payment on the agreed due date, we reserve the right to request the resolution of the sale, by registered letter, with application of the penalties provided for in the paragraphs clause of forfeiture of the term, and penalty clause.


On-call clause

In the event of non-payment, and after formal notice by registered letter, the debtor will be liable to a penalty payment equal to 1‰ of the principal per day of delay.


Retention of title

Pursuant to the laws of May 12, 1980, January 25, 1985, June 10, 1994 and July 1, 1996, the seller retains ownership of the goods sold until effective payment of the full price in principal and accessories, failure to pay any of the deadlines may result in the claiming of the goods, these provisions do not prevent the transfer to the buyer upon delivery of the risks of loss, deterioration of the goods sold as well as the damage that it could cause. The buyer may take out insurance guaranteeing the risks arising from the delivery of the goods, he is also prohibited from pledging or assigning as security the ownership of the goods.

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